Difference Flash - Html5

Lets say you have shared your website or video on facebook or any social network. But why so few people view it ? People usually visit website with:

Your mobile will display that blank space on the space where your video or your Whole Flash webpage should be.

Mobile phones and Tablets does not support Flash websites. This makes your money for a website wasted. In abandoning mobile, Adobe is effectively admitting that Flash has no future on the web. In the short term, Adobe is merely admitting what most developers already know; there are only two ways to develop for mobile devices: using the web and HTML5 or building platform native apps. To choose web-based Flash apps over either of these options would mean consciously LIMITING  your web audience.


Why migrate now ?

Some important points to consider:

  • Most users are now using their iPhones to view most webpages they visit. Mobile web users will soon out number PC users. Just think, if you own a Flash website, or do not even own a mobile presence for your website, and then you are missing out on all these potential customers.
  • After your site is converted to HTML5, search engines will be able to crawl and index it. Customers will then be able to search you, and view your website on any mobile device that they own, ultimately increasing in your search engine rankings.
  • A bad website experience can create bad feelings about your company. A poor mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with a company in the future.

This will make your website :

  • EASY approachable by Smartphone Users
  • Increase Traffic and Search Rankings
  • EASILY Manage all Your Content anytime

Migrate now!


The Solution

Why you should start working with us ?

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After your site is converted to HTML5 , search engines will be able to index it. This will result in increasing your audience and give them full experience on your website. So far if you stay on Flash, you are limited to only PC-MAC users as your potential costumers/audience.


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